Posted by: girlvsbeer | August 15, 2010

Shiner Kosmos Reserve.

Shiner Kosmos Reserve.

The original Shiner Kosmos was available in 1999 with a higher alcohol content and a different taste. This re-release is an American Pale Lager style beer available only in Shiner Family Packs, one bottle per six-pack.

Kosmos is brewed with a two row barley malt and triple hopped for enhanced hop flavor and aroma. First, the boiling kettle receives US Mt. Hood and Bavarian Spalter Select hop for crisp bitterness. Second, in a procedure used by Kosmos Spoetzl hot wort is strained through a hopjack containing US liberty whole cone hop flowers, and finally Cascade hops are added as “dry hop” in cold storage for hop flavor.

Shiner Kosmos Reserve is a pale Lager that pours a light Amber orange with kind of yellow tinting and a white head with decent retention and a light lacing after the head dissipates.

Kosmos has a grain type taste and a thin malt taste. It also has some sweet flavors like caramel and something else sweet I couldn’t quite pick out, maybe the malt was sweeter. There is also a light taste of hops. It has kind of a sweet earthy smell as well.

It’s smooth and a decent drink but it’s only available in the family pack. I don’t know if  I’d buy it in a 6-pack regularly but I’d like the option. I think Kosmos is a great beer with something like pasta with red sauce, or a wine sauce. I think the family 6-pack would probably be better if it contained 101.

3 Sparkles!

5% ABV


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