Posted by: girlvsbeer | July 30, 2010

Shiner 101

Shiner 101

Tex-Czech! Texas has a love affair with all things Czech, from the Czech Stop just North of Waco to the Czech Museum in Houston. With a handful of annual Czech and Slavic festivals, Texas has shown time and time again that if we aren’t Tex-Czech then we’re obsessed. So it makes sense that Texans would make a Czech beer.

For Shiner’s 101st Anniversary, Shiner released Shiner 101, a Czech-style Pilsner. Taking it back to the basics Shiner 101 is brewed with bohemian grown “Hanka” barley, Czech Saaz Hops and water with a reduced mineral content.

Okay there are a few Shiner Beers that I am in love with and in order they are: Hefeweizen, Blonde, Bock, and 101…now don’t get me wrong the others are great too but there is something about these 4 that makes me excited to drink beer.

Poured into my new Shiner 101 Pint glass, 101 is a Czech-style pilsner that pours a deep golden color with a thick creamy white head that leaves a beautiful lacing that breaks up down the glass. 101 has a great grassy hop smell with some grain behind it.

This is a highly drinkable beer, that starts with a slightly sweet taste followed by a perfect slightly bitter hop taste all with a very slight bready taste that is more apparent in the after-taste as it fades leaving a light but nice taste on the tongue.

This is definitely a beer to buy, but though I often say you should keep certain beers in your fridge this is a beer you need to buy with a purpose. If you’re planning a movie night, poker night or if you’re having a dinner with Slavic influences this is what you want around.

If you are on anytime soon you can click over that tells you about all things 101. It even gives you a few Czech phrases to learn.

4.6% ABV

4 Sparkles!!!
-social factor
-Tex-Czech love
– taste

Czech sign on the way to Shiner.



  1. Wow i’ve been looking for a new beer and this one sounds like a winner thanx a bunch.

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