Posted by: girlvsbeer | June 22, 2010

St. Arnold’s Brewery Tour.

Yesterday I took the St. Arnold’s Brewery tour with two of my dear friends who are moving overseas. Here they are enjoying one of St. Arnold’s beers. It looks like Eric has Brown and I believe Lauran had Lawnmower.

Lauran and Eric

The Brew House.

Brock Wagner

The man between the two heads is Brock Wagner, creator and co-founder of Saint Arnold’s brewing company. He gave us our tour, which was really exciting, not only because he really knew what he was talking about from a Brewers level down to a molecular level but also because he is hilarious and still even after 16 years of owning the company and many many more of brewing he is really passionate about his work.
“Life is too short to drink bad beer”-Brock Wagner

Every Fermenter is named for a saint.

One of the Saint Arnold's tye-dye cars.

Just one side of the Fermenting floor.

Painted logo above the taps.

Special Thanks to Lauran for all the good pictures!!!

And now the crappy cell phone pics…

The Door to Beauty

St. Arnold Patron saint of Brewers.

wall detail

Free Glass and 4 beer chips.

This was a fantastic Brewery Tour…okay so far it’s my only brewery tour but I believe it’ll be a hard one to beat. Good friends, Good Beer, Hilarious Creator/Tour Guide…plus I walked away with a sweet T-Shirt and an even sweeter pint glass.

Love you St. Arnold’s Brewery!

100 Trillion Sparkles forever!


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