Posted by: girlvsbeer | June 20, 2010

The Art of Beer-volume 2

3D Sidewalk Chalk Beer Art

Beer Can Girl

Beer Can Cactus

Beer Can Peacock

Beer Art Tapestry

Beer Can Vespa

Becks Painting Art

Beer Art Photography

Musician Beer Can Art

Beer Can Beer Man

3D Sidewalk Chalk Beer Mug

Beer Can Butterfly Art 1

Beer Can Butterfly Art 2

Beer Can Butterfly Art 3

Beer Can Butterfly Art 4

Beer Can Photography

Hieroglyphic Beer Art

Beer Can Dress

Beer Can Shoes

Beer Tab Corset

Pray for Beer

Skeleton Beer Art

Beer Keg Building

Beer Fridge Sculpture

Brian Western 1

Brian Western takes old beer bottles and re-purposes the glass to make beautiful pieces of art.

Brian Western 2

Brian Western 3

Brian Western 4

Brian Western 5

Brian Western 6

Brian Western 7

Brian Western 8



  1. Hooray Beer! you should review Red Stripe

  2. I want the peacock!

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