Posted by: girlvsbeer | May 25, 2010

Miller High Life

Miller High Life.

Miller Brewing Company began when Frederick J. Miller who immigrated from Germany,  settled in Milwaukee, where in 1855 he bought the Plank Road Brewery and brewed his first  beer, using yeast that he had carried with him all the way from Europe. Miller merged with Coors in 2008 and created MillerCoors Co.  Both companies have obtained multiple smaller companies and accounts for an amazing 29.5% of the market.

Miller High Life is an American Adjunct Lager, which apparently has something to do with cutting it with cereal grains for mass production at the cost of flavor. It pours a golden straw color with a billowing white head that leaves a very decent lacing. It has a corn and grain smell, after reading what an American Adjunct Lager is I thought I could smell the cereal grains but maybe it’s just the power of suggestion.

Miller High Life is very drinkable. It has a light corn and hops flavor, and a sweet malt taste. The carbonation is nice and of course it is the champagne of beers so the carbonation is key. I think for taste, drink-ability and price this is a perfect beer pong, flip cup or any other drinking game you prefer. It’s also a great beer for parties or anything where you’ll have alot of people raiding your beer stash.

And yeah…like you’ll hear from most people, the clear bottle is great. There is something nice about seeing what you’re drinking. Worst part is I can never find it on tap otherwise I’d easily choose it over Bud.


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  1. You have done it once again! Superb read.

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