Posted by: girlvsbeer | May 21, 2010

Guinness Anniversary Stout 250

Guinness Anniversary Stout 250.

Guinness 250 commemorates the date on which Arthur Guinness signed the lease on St. James’ Gate in Dublin: December 31, 1759, Leased for 9,000 years by Arthur Guinness at £45 per year, St. James’s Gate has been the home of Guinness ever since.

Guinness 250 is a dry Irish Stout. It pours dark, slightly darker then regular Guinness, almost a motor oil brown black color with a brown tannish colored head that leaves great lacing.

Personally I like 250 better than regular Guinness, at least in bottle form. Guinness from the tap is better than the bottle form of 250.  However after 3 six packs my obsession with 250 was over. I’d love to have it as an option for the future because I’m sure I’ll want to pick it back up again but since it’s a limited edition I suppose I won’t be able to.

It has an initial malt flavor that is fantastic, richer and deeper, even smoother I’d say, than regular Guinness. There is a great deal less carbonation so that may attribute to the smoothness. From what I understand of this particular stout the malts are roasted which bring out a particularly great flavor in them. I’m not sure this will make sense but even though it is smooth it isn’t particularly creamy like regular Guinness. It has hints that are barely detectable(to me) of coffee, slight fruitiness, dark chocolate and maybe even a nutty taste. It certainly is a bit more complex than I expected it to be, though I suppose it makes sense to make a complex beer for a shorter time.

The finish has a great bitterness to it, not to biting leaving hints of the flavors behind. It’s a refreshing beer, definitely drinkable.


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