Posted by: girlvsbeer | May 9, 2010

Longboard Island Lager

Longboard Island Lager.

Kona Brewing Company was started by a father and son team. The pair had a dream to create fresh, local island brews made with spirit, passion and quality. Their love of Hawaii brought them to the Big Island to fulfill their vision.

Longboard is a pale Lager that has a golden-yellow hue, it pours with a white head that goes down pretty quickly and leaves no lacing. This beer actually smells good. Not like the common beer smell, if you have trouble drinking beer due to the smell I suggest starting with this. Not that the smell is gone completely but it’s not as strong as other beers.

It is super drinkable, I can drink this much faster than other beers. I usually can’t take so much taste at once which of course leads me to the classic girl problem (depending on the girl I suppose) of “nursing” my beer. A term I’ve never been particularly fond of. The only sad thing is I haven’t seen it in a can anywhere, not that I love cans, I think everyone prefers bottles but it usually lessens the cost a bit and increases the number you can buy at one time without looking like a drunk or like you’re throwing the saddest little tiki party on earth.

It taste a little sweet compared to some beers, the malt was sweeter for sure. I think I finally get what a crisp finish is, and if I’m right this is it. It’s extremely smooth. I couldn’t really taste the hops at first but they became more apparent as I finished the bottle.

This is for those of you who like myself at one time were on the beer fence. It’ll help push you over. Boys, buy this for your girls and stick it in your fridge, I swear they’ll love you for it. Drinkable, Not to heavy, tasty…yeah…I think this is my new summer drink.

4.6% ABV

An easy 5 Sparkles! Well, it might be 4 1/2 but since the packaging is so cute I’m pushing it to 5! ha!
-social factor


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