Posted by: girlvsbeer | April 30, 2010

Conquer the Beer.

Beer Me Up.

I had my first sip, no make that gulp of beer when I was 8. My grandfather’s shiny beer can sitting on his coffee table and my strict instructions of no Cokes before dinner was a recipe for thievery.

So begins my story with beer.

Sure, we had a rocky start at a young age but as I’ve grown and matured I’ve learned to appreciate what it is beer has been trying to give me all these years. Now at the age of 27 I am just starting to really open myself up to the world of beer beyond the hang-out Budweiser, beyond the Lone-Star beer pong and beyond the concert Miller.

As a girl it’s very easy to get away with the fruity, girlie, frilly drinks and be honest, you know you all love that sweet shot of candy drink. The sugar and the alcohol giving you and instant boost of euphoria.
But there was something about beer that kept calling me back, telling me our journey wasn’t finished yet.

This is my documentation of that journey. The world of beer seems to have more to offer than I ever initially thought and my goal for this strange new world?
Conquer the Beer.


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